contact details and info to say hello!

status: [1] draft

As a gentle barrier to entry and crude spam filter is in order. So for those in know who understand what this does, I think I can implicitly trust you not to spam or abuse it. With great power comes great responsibility! :P

$ base64 -d <<< bWF0dGhld2hhcnJpc29ub25saW5lQGdtYWlsLmNvbQo=

Or start with public-fy3tV8(at)[thisdomain]. This rotates periodically.

^ doesn’t work yet lol

twitter ->@mxhdotlol
libera chat IRC ->mxhdotlol
reddit ->mindofmateo
signal ->TBA
session ->TBA
fediverse ->TBA
tildeverse ->TBA

I strongly prefer email. I don’t bother with gpg/pgp keys etc.

Don’t hesitate to say hi :) Send me your best hand-crafted ASCII art!

I do appreciate those who are more of the “hard to reach” type and can be that way myself 🤷 lol, how does one effectively balance privacy, security, and availability and accessibility? 🤔

If an account is not listed here, assume it isn’t me.