my pretentious way of saying "site info"

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Yes, “colophon”, because I’m all pinky-out and fancy.

First things first: if elements misalign, or render improperly, or the site is broken, before you claim it’s a lack of attention to detail, recognize that it is because you are using Chrome or Safari (or god forbid… IE or Edge). Maybe you have suboptimal configuration and settings. It’s technically your fault is what I’m saying. /s

Site design inspired by Alexey Guzey a, Gwern a, and Christine Dodrille a in various ways.

I find these websites quite artful (artistic?) in both content and design, especially Gwern’s. I wouldn’t be able to remember all the sites and people who have influenced my own style and design considerations. The list would be a mile long. Gwern’s website might as well be called or something.

Simple is better. On the other hand, “Brevity is for the weak.” so I have to admit that I do get carried away with crazy ideas sometimes.

idlewords a source of the brevity quote.


I substitute some domains from default sites/apps/services to more lightweight, privacy respecting front ends and interfaces.

Similarly, I am proud of myself (and also frustrated for spending so much time on something trivial and unimportant, so is was it “simple” and “minimal” or was it “extra” and “a poor use of time”, making it the opposite?) for making the terminal-like menu using only css and NoJS!

The site uses the system default mono/monospace typeography. So if you don’t like it, you’ll need to change operating systems. Or take a hike and write your own userscript, why dontcha?

Similar to and inspired by Gwern’s a and Alexey Guzey’s a link styles, outbound hyperlinks are followed by their Wayback Machine [a]rchives to mitigate potential (read: probable and eventual) link rot. Links are also styled by where they go: internal, outbound, github/gitlab, wikipedia, etc.

gwern AND LESSWRONG eg the indicators following links…


(maybe a snippet/template or w/e that is inserted into multiple places?

Did ya find a typo? A little mistakey-poo? Some other error? Please let me know of any errata a or broken links. You’ll even get attribution! Additionally, general feedback, disagreement, and criticism are valued and welcome.

Hand crafted with markdown, raw html and css, and written in vim (the way God would do it), this site was proudly built with the fastest Javascript framework ever created…


That’s right, NoJS was used to create, deploy, or serve this site or its pages. NoJS is faster than any implementation of Javascript to date, and will be faster and more simple to use than all implementations of js until the heat death of the universe.

The magic doesn’t end there. In fact, the beginning is far more interesting: You don’t even have to install it before using it!

It’s true. Using NoJS just makes sites better.

NoJS is not related to and should not be confused with Node.js, though the names do sound similar.

I’ve only tested with Firefox so YMMV with other browsers. Probably fine with Chromium based browsers/Safari/etc, but if you’re using IE or Edge… just please do us all a favor and stahp it.